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Why We Can’t Wait for the All-School Winter Celebration

This year, we’re uniting our winterfest concerts into one wonderful morning program celebrating our whole school on December 13. All students, from our littlest Stepping Stones to our sixth graders, will be performing on this day. We will focus on the theme “Making Connections,” which is exactly what we have been doing since we returned to school in September.

Our entire school is excited to gather together and experience that palpable joy of singing and listening to others sing too. That’s a taste of what music teacher Karen Paulson experiences every day: “Working with young children, I witness the pure, uninhibited happiness that music can bring to people’s lives. We finish rehearsing a song, and I hear ‘again, again’ from the students with squeals of delight. It’s not surprising. Performing is a task that requires focus. When children sing and dance, they’re fully invested, and time slips away (a state in which the entire Montessori curriculum is founded on). And when it’s over, they want to do it again.”

The Upper Elementary kids are also particularly thrilled to join, since they normally don’t perform until later in the year.

As fifth grader Maddie K. said “I loved Winterfest in Lower Elementary and I was sad that we didn’t participate in Upper Elementary. So, I am ecstatic that I am able to perform this year.”

We began practicing for our Winter Celebration in November. Once the students have internalized the music, rehearsals become larger, beginning at school and then moving to the church. Young children not only feel empowered by participating in an important school-wide event, they get to see the “big kids” in action, performing later on. Not only that, but our youngest children, the Stepping Stones, are actually performing with our fifth and sixth graders—singing along as Upper Elementary kids play the ukulele. We’re not sure which group is more eager to perform, but the UE kids are at least able to articulate it better!

We have been learning many songs for the Winterfest and have had to practice a lot. I am especially excited to do the performance with Stepping Stones,” said fifth grader Alex W.

Sophia L. adds: “I am looking forward to seeing how it will sound to play the ukulele with Stepping Stones. We’ve never played an instrument while we sang before.”

All fall, we’ve felt motivated as a community to build relationships with our new members, as well as to deepen and restructure bonds with those members we’ve known. This energy has also inspired this year’s Winterfest theme: Making Connections. We’re excited to share it with you.

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