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Why We Can’t Wait for the All-School Winter Celebration

This year, MMS is uniting our winterfest concerts into one wonderful morning program celebrating our whole school on December 13. All students, from our littlest Stepping Stones to our sixth graders, will be performing on this day. The concert will focus on the theme “Making Connections,” which is exactly what our community has been doing since school began in September.

Students began practicing for our Winter Celebration in November. Once they internalize the music, rehearsals become larger, beginning at school and then moving to the church. Young children not only feel empowered by participating in an important school-wide event, they get to see the “big kids” in action, performing later on. Not only that, but our youngest children, the Stepping Stones, are actually performing with our fifth and sixth graders—singing along as Upper Elementary kids play the ukulele. Will you see anything cuter this December? We think not.

“Working with young children, I witness the pure, uninhibited happiness that music can bring to people’s lives,” said teacher Karen Paulson. “We finish rehearsing a song, and I hear ‘again, again’ from the students with squeals of delight. When children sing and dance, they’re fully invested, and time slips away. And when it’s over, they want to do it again.”

While the Winter Celebration only happens once, video lasts forever—and the performance is being recorded.

We’ll see you on Friday!

Posted on December 4, 2019 in
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