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What’s Up in LE this March?

Big Snaps for Lower Elementary Poets!

Lower Elementary spent March immersed in poetry. This literacy unit gave students an opportunity to study the work of Langston Hughes and Shel Silverstein, drawing inspiration to write their own poems. They focused on seeing the world through a poet’s lens and finding poetry in their everyday surroundings. While writing, they endeavored to create rhythm through rhyming, repetition, and line breaks, and explored figurative language by injecting metaphors and alliteration into their pieces. The unit culminated on Thursday, March 14 with a Lower Elementary “Poetry Slam” in the Commons, an opportunity for interested students to perform their poems. The event was hosted by Erik Maldonado, a teaching artist from the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe. Erik performed some of his own poems and introduced the students. -Ms. Kent


Quilt-Making in IA 

The students in IA have started a quilting project that blends both math concepts and their continent study of Asia. As part of the latter exploration, the students will be learning about various textiles and materials that were traded along the Silk Road from China to Eastern Europe. The silk trade significantly expanded during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE). During this era, textiles of cotton and silk often declared a person’s economic status. Japanese women in particular, would join patches of all types of fabrics, colors, textures, and shapes, which they then utilized for screens, clothing, and wrapping cloths. As a traded item, cloth became a form of currency, even as coins became popularized.

For their own classroom textile project, each student will design a nine-patch pattern (less than a square foot), applying what they know about shapes, congruency, similarity, equivalency, and symmetry to create their designs. The students will sew their patterns together, and then Ms. Bradfield’s mom will combine them to create two quilts. Look for pictures of those blankets swaddling the honorary baby sisters of IA, Ms. Steinberg and Ms. Bradfield’s daughters, due this spring.

Ms. Bradfield

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