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What It’s Like Being “Top Dog” at MMS

When I first started MMS and saw the sixth graders on stage performing or at community gatherings, I never thought that I would actually be in that position. Now that I am one of the “top dogs” at MMS, it is nerve-racking, but also kind of fun. Sixth graders are always one of the first choices to do things for the school, like write this article, or help out with admissions Open Houses. Sixth grade is not easy, considering how we need to balance out homework, applications, interviews, and the ISEE. But our teachers are very understanding. If I didn’t complete a homework assignment because I was working on my essays for applications, they wouldn’t get upset. They would just give me some extra time to do the work because the teachers are really trying to support us in every way they can. Being a sixth grader is both exciting and stressful, but the teachers and your peers will be with you the whole way.

By Emily M.

Posted on September 26, 2018 in