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Third Graders Meet Local Supers For Planting Project on 85th Street

Tomorrow is October 31, which means it’s time for the 2nd annual Harvest Festival at MMS!

This year, Lower Elementary is breaking down the walls of MMS and expanding Harvest Festival to include the whole block. Not only will students participate in pickling and flower pressing activities on the roof, and fall-themed games in the gym, but Lower Elementary students will also plant spring bulbs and a summer wildflower mix in the unplanted tree beds on 85th St between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive.

Third garden students took the reins of this community service work on our block. First, they learned about the benefits of planting in urban areas including reducing water flow into the sewers and increasing habit for pollinators (the key to 70% of our food production). Then, they invited the caretakers of the buildings and sidewalks (85th Street superintendents) to MMS for a breakfast, during which time they pitched the idea. They also learned about things they can do to help care for our block. Some approval for planting was given right away, but the students discovered that some buildings needed approval from a management company or Board of Directors. The next step was writing a persuasive letter. This letter was received well!

The planting will commence tomorrow with the support of MMS’s garden committee. Success!


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