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The MMS Annual Fund

People + Teaching and Learning + Place + Mission = An Education for Life

The MMS Annual Fund provides essential funding that can be used immediately. By giving to The Fund, we ensure educational excellence and continuity for our school and families. We also model responsible community engagement for our children. This year, our faculty and staff demonstrated a remarkable commitment to the school by reaching 100 percent participation before the end of October. All gifts to The Fund support:

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Supporting professional development, Montessori certification, the hiring/retention of teachers and staff, plus parent education events. 

We believe happy students need happy teachers and parents behind them. The MMS Annual Fund invests in our staff and faculty through professional development opportunities, travel grants, and trainings. It also supports parents through educational events that help illuminate some of the challenges of parenting and affinity groups that foster a sense of belonging at school. The Fund also allows us to recruit, hire, and retain talented diverse educators who build deep lasting relationships with every child.

Teaching and Learning 

Supporting high-impact curriculum, field trips, our Black Rock Forest partnership, and much more…

The MMS Annual Fund enriches a high-impact curriculum, underwriting the intensely personalized learning that combines the Montessori philosophy with current interdisciplinary pedagogy. When our students are introduced to new concepts, worlds, and subjects in their home classroom, they are encouraged to explore those ideas more deeply in our interdisciplinary spaces. We also spark our students’ imaginations by introducing them to new experiences, places, and people outside of school. We take frequent field trips to cultural and historical landmarks in New York City—as well as memorable overnight trips, such as the beloved “Blacksnake Woman” trip to learn about Native American culture and Old Sturbridge Village to experience life in 1800s, as part of their studies of U.S. history.


Supporting our home, an innovative, green teaching space where curiosity flourishes.

The MMS Annual Fund ensures that our bright classrooms, studios, and labs always meet our students and teachers’ needs. Our classrooms, and all their engaging books and Montessori materials, transform our students. In turn, our students transform our classrooms with the projects and output of their own learning. Our building, therefore, is a representation of our interests and values. Students tend to gardens on the school’s roof and balconies that supply our kitchen with organic produce. Thanks to the MMS Annual Fund, changes and fixes need not wait to be added to next year’s budget, but can be undertaken immediately. 


Tuition assistance, affinity groups, cultural calendar programming.

It takes conscientious planning and resources to cultivate an environment where every child feels welcome and celebrated. Fostering belonging, respect, and a sense of common good are among our core values. Differences in income should not affect a child’s access to opportunities. Differences in culture, religion, family structure and the like should be celebrated and broaden children’s understanding of the world.

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