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Stone Soup: A LE Holiday Tradition

Stone Soup is an old folk tale that has been shared and interpreted across many cultures over the world. The story is about two hungry strangers who stumble into a village asking locals for some food. Door after door closes in their faces, so they try to convince each home to share some food by creating a pot of “soup,” starting with a stone. The community soon realizes that with each of their tiny contributions combined, there will be enough food for everyone. (During the story, some first grade MMS children believed the secret ingredient that produced enough food was the stone!)

As is the annual LE tradition, on November 19 Lower Elementary created their own version of stone soup. Each student contributed to the pot by bringing an ingredient from home. Carrots, potatoes, squash, and swiss chard were only some the components that made the soup come together. With support from families, students were able to join together for a memorable morning of peeling, chopping, slicing, measuring, and mixing. Those first time ‘stone soupers’ learned the magical ingredient was in fact sharing, generosity, and community.

After excitedly waiting for the soup to boil, the students sat around as a class and enjoyed the scrumptious soup together. They discussed all the things, big and small, for which they were grateful. This time of year is always impactful and unforgettable as Lower Elementary learns the importance of sharing amongst their community.


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