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Steering the Explorers’ Ship

Explorers is our optional afternoon program for our four-year-old students. After learning in the mixed-age setting of our traditional Montessori primary classes with our Montessori-certified teachers, they’re introduced to a setting that’s a natural extension of the Montessori classroom. The children practice grace and courtesy particularly at lunch; they enjoy story time; engage in group time lessons; enjoy recess; and finish off their day with an afternoon work cycle. We are very fortunate to have Ms. Manon and Ms. Tarica join Ms. Tonuzi, and we are thrilled that they are enjoying the children and MMS community and falling in love and in step with all the wonderful aspects of the Montessori philosophy. 

Erica Tarica:

What drew you to the Montessori philosophy?

Montessori appeals to me because of the mixed-aged classrooms, individualized lessons, and importance of observing children.

What are you enjoying about your experience at MMS so far?

I love how close-knit the community is. Since I am an Explorers and Clubhouse teacher, I feel as though I already know many of the students in all different age groups. I was instantly welcomed and feel excited to come in everyday.

What are you looking forward to this year?

I am looking forward to seeing each of my Explorers grow and progress in their own way. I am also very excited to see myself grow and learn as an educator.

Bryannah Manon:

What drew you to the Montessori philosophy?

When you walk into a classroom and see three years olds working independently and quietly, it’s just incredible to me.

What are you enjoying about your experience at MMS so far?

This fall at MMS has been nothing short of amazing. I enjoy working with the staff every day and learning new things about each child. I have been able to bond with students of all different ages. Mostly, I enjoy how each child comes to school each day ready to learn. For the children, coming to MMS isn’t an obligation, but something they look forward to each morning.

What are you looking forward to this year?

This year, I am looking forward to continuing to learn more about the Montessori philosophy as well as getting to know my students. I’m also excited to observe in a primary classroom.

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