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Sixth Graders Create Ofrendas for Dia de Los Muertos

Sixth graders created ofrendas (offerings) this month to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, the Mexican holiday in which families honor the lives of their deceased loved ones. Each student picked a beloved former family member or pet and built a diorama highlighting their favorite things. On November 15, the students gathered to share their ofrendas and discuss the people who inspired them. One student highlighted her uncle, who loved to ir de campo (camp), tocar la guitarra (play the guitar), bistek and cerveza (steak and beer), libros (books), jugar a golf (play golf), and the Philadelphia Aguilas (Philadelphia Eagles). Other students discussed a pet dog–whose job was probador de tocino (bacon taster)–and one more created an ofrenda for her grandfather, who loved to leer, bailar, and pescar (read, dance, and fish). Each diorama portrayed these pastimes with photos or small items.

During the presentations, class members asked questions about the loved ones like ¿En que trabajaba? (What did he do for a living?), ¿Cuando fue su cumpleaños? (When was his birthday?), ¿Tenia niños? (Did he have children?), and ¿Cuantos nietos tenia? (How many grandchildren did he have?) to practice the imperfect form, one of various past tense forms.

A todos: Descanse en paz. (To all: Rest in peace)


Posted on November 26, 2018 in
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