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Reading, Writing, Critical Thinking

In the Children’s House Primary years, children learn about language through Montessori materials that allow them to make connections between sounds, symbols and letters. By understanding these relationships, children are able to sound out words and use the movable alphabet to compose phrases and sentences. The ability to recognize sounds and symbols helps the children as they begin to read.

In kindergarten and the Lower School, the reading program uses “leveled” books that help the child gain proficiency and confidence at every step. The children learn to make notations as they read about main ideas, supporting evidence, predictions, connections and other insights they may have. Children are exposed to all literary styles, and take on writing projects that express their imagination as well as reflect their understanding of the process and structure of writing.

In the Upper School, social studies and language arts are built around careful reading and consideration of literature, nonfiction and other media and resources, and critical analysis of information. As the children move through the Upper School Elementary program, the material becomes more abstract. In sixth grade, the World Religions class introduces children to the major beliefs in our civilization and how they address fundamental needs of existence.

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