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Our Food Program

Teaching children how to eat well, be environmental stewards and understand where their food comes from is one of the most important life skills they will ever learn. Here are a few more things you should know about our food program:

  • The food is made from scratch daily, so the food is fresh, wholesome, and most importantly “real food.” Here’s a sample menu (October 2017).
  • We take yearly field trips to our local farmer’s markets.
  • Our food and nutrition curriculum encompasses health, food science, and food in culture. As well as in class
    demos that combine cooking with all three curriculum areas. The children will gain hands on experience making homemade cheese, bread, and other foods while learning about nutrition, food systems, and food in cultures from across the globe. Sushi making was a huge hit!
  • We teach all our children to be environmental stewards, from reducing waste, to recycling, to using real china and silverware to reduce our environmental footprint.


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