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Early Childhood – Appreciation of Nature

We bring the outdoors into the classroom to enjoy nature and her beauty. Young children gain an understanding and appreciation for our world by caring for their classroom plants and pets, planting and harvesting in our rooftop garden spaces, conserving water and paper, and recycling. Children are encouraged to bring in a leaf or stone, that they may have discovered on their walk to school, to share in class. A teacher will help a child identify if it is an oak or sycamore leaf. Botany and Biology lessons help children learn about the parts of the flower or turtle.

Nature Studies in Kindergarten

Kindergartners spend time at Black Rock Forest, a 4,000-acre nature preserve in Cornwall, N.Y., operated by a consortium of universities, research institutes, and schools. Students make direct connections with things they learn about in their cultural curriculum, for example, the animal kingdom, butterfly species, different leaves, parts of the tree, life cycles, and more.