After MMS: Schools attended by our graduates

Secondary Schools

The Upper Elementary program provides a strong academic foundation for the ongoing schools that our graduates attend, the most popular of which include:

  • Horace Mann (23)*
  • Riverdale (19)
  • Brearley (18)
  • Fieldston (11)
  • Hunter (10)
  • Collegiate (10)

*Number of matriculating MMS graduates between 2000-2017. For a full list of ongoing schools for graduates, click here.

Colleges and Universities

We do our best to stay in touch with our graduates after sixth grade. Here are the most popular choices of colleges recent MMS alumni let us know they’re attending (longer list here).

  • Wesleyan University (6)
  • Yale University (6)
  • New York University (5)
  • Dartmouth College (4)
  • Mount Holyoke (4)
  • Northwestern (4)
  • University of Colorado (4)

School Placement Process

Our school prides itself on the support it provides to students and parents during the school placement process. The Head of School and Placement Director Anna Martucci (pictured to the right) meet with families starting in spring of their fifth grade year to explore those schools best suited to the child’s particular strengths and aspirations and begin guiding them through the admissions process.

We will provide support to families with younger students in their outgoing application process, though we encourage students to stay through the culminating sixth grade year. Here’s an overview of the school placement process for families and sixth grade students.