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Parent Association Events

Parents are an integral part of the MMS community, and the Parent Association provides a friendly and vibrant forum for supporting the school. Parents sponsor social events to welcome new families, contribute to annual giving, organize the holiday book sale, and stage a benefit in the spring. Room parents facilitate relationships among families, provide support for classroom teachers, and help connect new families to the community. Monthly meetings feature speakers on education and parenting topics.

Spring PA Events & Messages

Gardening Committee At Home Activity

It’s hard to believe that spring officially arrived more than 6 weeks ago. Normally, we start planting and tending the gardens at MMS after returning from spring break; in early April maybe still bundled in winter coats! — the Kindergartners plant snap, snow, and sweet peas, and the Lower School students start a variety of lettuces and other greens for Chef Lisa to add to the daily lunch salad. Spring is always an exciting time in the life of the garden — as the roof warms up, every day seems to bring some new discovery, with sprouts emerging from the soil and seedlings reaching for the next level of the trellises. In front of the building and on the 4th floor and art terraces, daffodil and tulip bulbs blossom and the perennials reappear for another show a reminder of the value of persistence, and a reward for hope, no matter how hard the winter has been.

Obviously, things are different this year. But on behalf of the MMS gardening committee, we’d like to offer the opportunity for students to still experience some of the magic of gardening this season, even if we can’t do it together. For anyone who would like to participate, Ally (5th grade) and I will mail a small packet of (organic, non-GMO) wheatgrass seed to your children to plant at home… just the right amount for a small pot, bowl, jar, or even a teacup. (Some of our Upper School students started wheatgrass seeds last fall for the primary children to replant during the harvest celebration, and we found it to be fairly foolproof and fast-growing an especially good combination for times like these). If you happen to have potting soil at home great! But you can also use some regular dirt from the park, or even sprout the seeds without soil at all. Planting instructions and some planting-related ideas to explore are on the following page.
This is totally optional if the idea of adding one more thing to your (or your child’s) plate is just too much, feel free to take a pass. If you would like to participate, email:

If you want to participate but don’t particularly relish the idea of getting mail under current circumstances (we are in upstate NY), you can order wheatgrass seed online yourself from a number of seed companies or Amazon.

The Parent Association will circulate some ways that you can share your efforts with the MMS community. And if you have been engaged in planting on your own, feel free to have your children share those activities, too!
We’ll look forward to gardening together again soon. In the meantime, take good care.
Nina Dastur (mom to Ally, Grade 5, and Jack, ’19)

Planting Instructions

At Home Quarantine Activities Hub

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy (and sane!) during these unprecedented times. This is not the spring we had all hoped for but what I’ve loved seeing is the community come together supporting one another.

As a way to help one another, myself and the room parents have started an all-school google document (see link below) that has all non-academic activities separated by division and also all ages. We have even included an adult section because parents need some self-care ideas too!

Activities Hub

What we had hoped for is that families can come to this document to grab some good ideas but also feel free to leave some ideas that are currently working for them. Basically one hub for our MMS families.

Please reach out with any questions. Be well and healthy!

Warm wishes,
Bree, PA Chair ’19-’20

PA Community Board

Dear MMS families,

As announced in Tuesday’s Town Hall, I would like to share a community project that will spread fun from our living rooms right into 85th street!

We want to lighten the windows of our school and remind each and every one of our students what a lively, heartfelt place MMS is. ️
To every passerby, we want to tell our story and show what a beautiful, strong, and connected school we are!

Starting May 27th, 2020, we will fill the windows of MMS with notes, drawings, artwork—whatever sparks your creativity when you think of our community. You can contribute in many ways:

●Take a picture in front of the school and post it on the MMS Facebook PA website
●Write a note to the community
●Create a drawing or piece of artwork

How to submit:
->Drop off your letter through the school’s mailbox (the emergency exit door to the left of the front door) or send it to

Submissions will be hung every Wednesday, starting May 27! Come by and feel the MMS love!

MMS Community Cookbook

Since we all have been spending a lot of time at home, cooking delicious food has been a great way to pass time and also get excited about an activity.

Our community cookbook includes 20 recipes. What I love most is that all of the members have turned to their roots for their submission. Whether it be comfort food, or a childhood favorite, or a recipe that has been passed through generations, there is something for everybody.

Enjoy the cookbook! 

Thank you,
Devina and the PA


Stay Connected!

We would like to invite those of you within our MMS community who are on Facebook to join the MMS Parent Association page. Another way for us to stay connected.

PA Facebook Page

Parent Association Leadership

Juliane Trautmann: PA Chair

Ralitza Horler: Room Parent Coordinator


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