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Once Upon a Time in Lower Elementary

Since returning from winter break, Lower Elementary students have been immersed in a study of fairy tales. This unit includes reading, writing, acting, directing, and even some art work!

In first grade, the students have been listening to and reading fairy tales, sparking many conversations about the various common elements in fairy tales. They recently discussed fairy tale endings in preparation for writing their own ending to an existing fairy tale!

In second grade, the children have been spending a lot of time acting and directing fairy tale plays. Through this process, the children have deepened their understanding of the characters in these tales. The students have learned to become the characters and have learned to discuss character traits, behaviors, and motivations. In addition to acting and directing, the second graders are writing an adapted version of a fairy tale. 

In third grade, students have analyzed fairy tales in attempt to answer “What makes a fairy tale?” After their deliberations, the third graders embarked on writing their own adaptations of classic fairy tales. By the way, this study elicited a very spirited debate about the difference between fantasy and magic in IC!

This unit on fairy tales has been so much fun! We are all looking forward to seeing the creative stories the children write over the next few weeks!

Posted on January 31, 2019 in
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