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De Nouveaux Amis: Fifth and Sixth Graders Start Communicating with French Pen Pals

This year, fifth and sixth graders are getting to know Upper Elementary students in southwestern France through new pen pal relationships! We already had some short exchanges by email, sharing some pictures and a presentation about Halloween, and we’re expecting our first letters any day now.

In French class, students learned and practiced how to introduce themselves, sharing about their âge (age) and date de naissance (birthday), their famille et animaux (family members, pets included), their loisirs (hobbies), and their likes and dislikes. They also mentioned all the languages they speak since we are an international community. This project is the perfect occasion to know how to speak about ourselves and practice conjugaison and grammar. We also prepared a matching game for them to discover our faces through pictures and descriptions: students wrote up a physical description of themselves, paying close attention to adjectives’ agreement and position in the sentence. For example, when we mention our eye color, we’ll say J’ai les yeux bleus (I have blue eyes) or when we describe our clothing Je porte une jupe verte et un T-shirt noir (I’m wearing a green skirt and a black t-shirt).

The students are eager to know more about their French pen pals personally and culturally!

By Madame Ducroux


Posted on December 18, 2018 in
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