MMS and the four “R’s”

An article in The New York Times Sunday magazine asks the question: “What if the secret to success is failure?”

Maria Montessori recognized that learning traits, as well as competency in certain skills, are necessary for a child’s ability to become an independent, accomplished adult. What are those traits? At MMS, we call them the “four R’s”: respect, responsibility, reflection, resilience.

A student must respect his or her teachers and peers, as well as the work itself, in order to listen to constructive criticism and understand different ideas and approaches.

A student must be responsible, not only about finishing the work and doing it as well as possible, but also for any mistakes that happen. Owning mistakes, and learning from them, provide powerful lessons.

A student must be able to reflect, asking himself or herself questions about why events occurred, what could have been done differently, how he or she might handle the situation/problem/assignment the next time.

Finally, a student must be resilient. When we are insecure about our weaknesses, afraid to take risks, resistant to change, we throw up impediments to learning and growing. Resilience comes from making mistakes, struggling with hard problems, and finding a way forward. Resilience leads to confidence, and confidence leads to success.

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