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Math-O-Lanterns: How Pumpkins Become Teaching Tools

The first, second, and third grade mathematicians at MMS spent the month of October engaged in pumpkin-related math activities, an annual tradition for Lower Elementary. Early in the month, students were asked to each bring in a pumpkin. The pumpkins of various shapes and sizes were kept in the fourth floor commons, creating a festive fall-themed space. During math lessons and worktime, students had the opportunity to work through a set of pumpkin math command cards with tasks ranging from ordering the pumpkins by height, width, and weight to measuring the circumference of the pumpkins in centimeters and recording this information on a chart. These activities allowed students to practice important mathematical skills of measurement, estimation, data collection, graphing, and problem-solving in a fun, hands-on way. The month-long pumpkin exploration fittingly wrapped up on October 31.

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