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Farm-to-Classroom Lessons: Economic Geography Studies in LE

This month, all Lower Elementary students will visit a farmers market on the Upper West Side. The trip aligns with a LE Montessori unit called “Economic Geography” that explores the interconnectedness of biological and social processes. Students come to realize that we all depend on each other: no one person, community, state, region, or country functions alone.  

The farmers market helps students further grasp where food comes from and who is involved in growing, harvesting, producing, transporting, and selling food products. Although IB’s trip is over, IA and IC will be visiting the market together in late October. Here’s a dispatch from the trip from third grader Elle C:

1B’s Visit to the Greenmarket

1B took a trip to the Greenmarket to learn about farms and where food comes from. The first thing we did when we got there was look at the map of New York State and talk about all different kinds of farms, like vegetable farms, pumpkin farms, fruit farms, and fish farms. We visited some of the stands that were on the map. There were vegetable stands, fruit stands, fish stands, and baked good stands (they had donuts!). We learned that there are all kinds of cauliflower, even purple! We saw whole, frozen fish and learned that when they catch the fish they freeze them right away. There was even a man there who just collects compost. We learned about composting and that the worms make the compost into dirt. Then, we split into small groups and bought a fruit or vegetable for lunch at school. The last thing we did was visit a stand where we got to taste vegetable noodles. They taste like carrots and were delicious–I would definitely eat them again. We had recess after that and played in a playground. When we were done with recess, we got to try some very good apple cider.  I would love to go to the Greenmarket again.

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