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Job Interviews in First, Second, and Third Grade? Why Yes, Of Course.

Hi, I’m Addie. I’m a third year in IA, and I’m going to tell you about something very important that we do in the beginning of the year. In IA, we take care of our environment, meaning we clean up after ourselves, and we take care of the animals—and how do we do all that? We take different jobs: Zoologist, meteorologist, pencil caretaker, snack supervisor, classroom manager, and housekeeping. Of course, you can’t just say “I want this job.” So we do…job interviews!

First, the third years get interviewed by the teachers: They ask questions like “Have you had experience with this job?” and “Do you think you’re responsible?” And so the third years get their jobs. Using the same questions, me and the other third years interview second and first year students. First, the first and second years pick two to three jobs. The third years start asking questions like “Are you responsible enough?” and “Do you think you’ll remember?” And after the third years are finished, they all meet up and decide who gets the job. Once they decide who gets the job, they tell the first and second years! And that’s the process of the interviews. Thank you for reading.

Posted on September 26, 2019 in
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