Head of School Search

RG175 consultants met with MMS parents in April, 2018

In March 2018, Head of School Brenda Mizel announced that she will be retiring at the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Mizel came to MMS in 2011, and during her tenure, oversaw a $4 million capital campaign and a year-long construction process expanding the school to combine with the building next door. The renovation was the school’s first major facility project since moving to its current site in 1996.

In preparation for Mrs. Mizel’s departure, the school’s Board of Trustees has established a Search Committee composed of parent trustees and faculty/staff members to steward the process for selecting the next Head of School.  The group is excited to find new leadership who will embrace MMS’ legacy while steering the school through the next phase of its evolution.

Head of School Retirement Announcements

Letter from Head of School Brenda Mizel 

Letter from Board of Trustees Chair Jim Maffezzoli

Search Updates

April 2018: Head of School Position Statement


Who is managing the search process?
What is the role of the Search Committee?
Who makes the final decision on selecting a new Head of School?
Will the Head of School search impact my child's experience?
How will the Search Committee keep the community updated?
How can I help during the search?
What is the timeline for the search?
Will MMS’ mission or philosophy change with a new Head of School?

Important Contact Information:

Feel free to reach out if you have additional questions or would like to apply to be the next MMS Head of School.

Search Committee: search@mmsny.org
Linda Gibbs: gibbslm@gmail.com
Jerry Katz: jkatz@rg175.com

Head of School Search Calendar

April 5-6, 2018: RG175 consultants visit MMS to meet with parents, faculty, staff, and administrators to learn about our school and understand the qualities our new Head of School should possess.

Spring/Summer, 2018: RG175 recruits candidates to present to the Search Committee in the fall.

September/October, 2018: Semi-finalists meet with the Search Committee at an off-site location. Candidates are confidential at this stage.

October/November, 2018: Three to four finalists come to campus to meet our community, observe classes, and learn more about MMS.

Late 2018/Early 2019: The Board announces MMS’ new Head of School, who will start July 1, 2019.