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Frequently Asked Questions About Giving

Tuition is already a significant expense. Doesn’t it cover the full cost of an MMS education?

Like all other independent schools, MMS relies on generous support from parents, alumni, grandparents, administrators, and teachers, provided through its Annual Fund to supplement its annual budget. These donations deepen each child’s experience of MMS by allowing our administration to attract and retain the best teachers, enhance and maintain our facilities, support ongoing classroom and school-wide initiatives, and say yes to unbudgeted opportunities and ideas as they come along. Fundraising allows teachers and staff to provide a curriculum that is spontaneous and reactive to each child’s needs.

Why is my annual participation so important to MMS?

Every gift to MMS matters and has a direct and immediate impact on the daily activities of the school. Additionally, from our partnerships with foundations and corporations, we know that they prefer to invest in communities that invest in themselves. A key marker they look for is parent participation in the Annual Fund. A demonstration of 100 percent participation shows our community’s unshakable commitment in the education provided here and helps us raise additional funds from the outside community to support the needs of each child.

How much should I contribute?

Gifts of any size make a difference. We understand that each family has a unique capacity to give; every gift is valued, and every gift, no matter the size, counts. Please make a contribution that is meaningful to you. All gifts are appreciated and are acknowledged in our MMS Annual Report of Impact.

How does financial aid fit into the fundraising picture?

Providing access to and participation in a Montessori education to a wide and diverse group of families is part of our history and mission. Studies show that people who collaborate and work closely with those who have different life experiences are more creative and better at solving problems. Financial aid helps us ensure economic and social diversity, and their benefits, for all of our children. Last year, MMS allocated over 14 percent of tuition revenues to retain and support students. Fundraising supplements this and all of our mission-driven work. It also helps families whose circumstances change during the year and who need unbudgeted financial assistance.

Are there more reasons to give?

Yes. Philanthropic gifts to MMS are tax-deductible as allowed by law. Many people also take pride in the recognition that comes with appearing on MMS’ annual report list of supporters. Some view giving as a way to become active stakeholders who help their school achieve goals. Others enjoy being involved in fundraising activities because it affords them a connection with other families at the school.

What is a matching gift?

Many corporations match employee gifts to educational institutions. Matches vary by corporation, but sometimes they will double or triple your gift. Matching gifts add another $30,000+ to our annual fundraising. Check with your HR department to see if your company matches gifts. If so, they’ll provide a form for you to fill out and send it to MMS for confirmation. You can find the current list of matching gifts here and can always email the development office for more information.

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