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Fourth Graders’ Book Recommendations


Summoner by Taran Matharu
Fletcher is a teenage orphan, who lives in a village called Pelt. One night he discovers that he can summon demons from a mysterious world known as “The Ether.” He travels to a military academy where he undergoes grueling training. Danger is everywhere, and Fletcher must choose his friends wisely.

Luca and Alex:

Refugee by Alan Gratz
This book contains three different stories of children who are refugees. Josef is from Nazi Germany; Isabel is from Cuba; and Mahamoud is from Syria. Josef and his family hope to seek refuge in the United States of America. Isabel hopes to escape to Florida and live there. Mahamoud is running from Syria to escape civil war and wants to seek refuge in Greece. No one has an easy journey.

Timeless by Armaan Baltazar
Diego Ribera is a boy who lives in the future when all different eras of time have collided together. There are now dinosaurs walking the streets while planes fly over head. All things that use electricity do not work, and now steam is the main source of power. Diego’s father, who is a world-renowned expert engineer, gets kidnapped by an evil organization. Diego must find his father with the help of his friend Petey or see the world face destruction.


Finally by Wendy Mass
Rory Swenson is turning 12 soon and feels she will have to start being more of an adult. Her parents always tell her that she can do a whole bunch of things when she turns 12, so she’s trying to be more grown up. But being grown up doesn’t go as planned: Whether she’s acting in the background of a movie or spilling coffee all over the kitchen floor, Rory still can’t seem to figure things out.


Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: The Underground Abductor by Nathan Hale
This book is about a young girl, Araminta Ross, who was born a slave. She goes through many changes in her life and becomes the famous Harriet Tubman who leads so many to freedom on the Underground Railroad.

Sunny Side Up and Swing It Sunny by Jennifer Holm
Sunny has many adventures with her family. She goes through rough times, for example, when her brother is sent off to a boarding school for kids who misbehave, and when her pet alligator, Big Al, is sent away because he is dangerous. Can she make peace with her brother and get her alligator back? Read and find out.


Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson
In this graphic novel, Astrid has a best friend and they are going to a Roller Derby camp in the summer. But then things change and Astrid goes off to camp on her own. After Astrid’s first day at camp, she makes a new friend, Zoey. Astrid is determined to improve her skating skills and join the team. Can she succeed?


Real Friends by Shannon Hale
This graphic novel is about two good friends, Shannon and Adrienne. One day, Adrienne moves away, and Shannon is very sad. Then Adrienne comes back! You can tell that Shannon is really happy. But now Adrienne has a new friend named Jenn. Jenn has other friends, and they are called “The Group.” Is Shannon in “The Group” or not?


Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson
Jess is trying to become the fastest runner in his school. When a new girl, Leslie, moves into town, she beats Jess in a race by three feet. Jess is in shock, because he never thought that he would be beaten by a girl. Jess’s plans to become the fastest runner in the school are suddenly in ruins. Can Jess and Leslie put aside their differences or will running keep them apart?

The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare
After the death of her uncle, Katherine must leave her wealthy home in Barbados to live with her aunt and uncle in Connecticut. Here she meets an old Quaker woman, Hannah. The villagers seem to think that the two women are witches. When Katherine’s fate lies in the hands of a little girl will she help Katherine and Hannah live or abandon them?

Ally and Anna:

Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper
Imagine being eleven years old and never speaking a word. Melody has a disease called cerebral palsy. It is frustrating for her because she cannot speak or move. Melody has been put in a class with five year olds. Her teachers don’t know what she actually knows or thinks. Will Melody be able to prove to her teacher that she is a smart kid without talking? Or will she be stuck in the shadows?


The Boy In The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne
Bruno’s dad is a Nazi during World War II and he has a sister named Gretel. One day, Bruno comes home and finds his maid packing up everything because they have to move. When they move, Bruno and Gretel find no kids in their house. Then one day Bruno looks out of his room window and sees a bunch of adults and kids wearing striped pajamas. Will he find a friend?


Ghost by Jason Reynolds
Imagine that your running career starts when you are running from your dad. Castle Crenshaw and his new coach realize that he could be a great runner. Will he practice and work to win the big race?

Invisible Emmie by Terri Libenson
This graphic novel is about two very different middle school girls, Emmie and Katie. Emmie is targeted by a bully, and Katie wants to help her out.

Sophia and Hannah:

11 before 12 by Lisa Greenwald
Ariana and Kayland have been best friends for a long time. When they create a friendship list, things fall apart. They are supposed to be loyal to the list. But then middle school starts. Will their friendship remain strong?

12 before 13 by Lisa Greenwald
Get ready for Ariana’s and Kayland’s comeback in the second book. Ariana is at sleepaway camp, and it is hard to have fun with each other through letters. When Ariana makes new friends at camp, Kayland gets upset.

Graceful by Wendy Mass
Mysterious Angelina D’Angelo has left town again to see the world. Grace now has to use her powers to protect the people of Willow Falls. Mystery postcards are arriving at Grace’s house, and her parents are getting really worried. Grace’s powers aren’t that strong. Not to worry, she has friends who know a thing or two about magic.

Ally and Sophia:

The War I Finally Won by Kimberly Bradley
It is WWII and after surviving a bombing in London, Ada is sent to live with her guardian, Susan, in a small cottage on a large country estate. Ada soon learns to love horses and help out in the stables. When the owner, Lord Thornton, brings home a German girl, Ruth, Ada worries that she is a German spy.


Spy School by Stuart Gibbs
Agent Benjamin Ripley is a spy in training, who at the age of 12 is recruited to the CIA. The undercover name for Spy School is The Science Academy for Boys. With the help of his friends, Agent Benjamin’s objective is to thwart plans of arch-enemies and to stay alive. His first mission is to find the mole in the spy school.


Holes by Louis Sachar
Imagine you had to go and dig holes for months in the hot desert. That’s what Stanley Yelnats has to do. He’s in a camp for “troubled” boys, but he senses something fishy going on. And to think it all started with some smelly shoes!

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