Early Childhood Education (NEW UNPUBLISHED)

Introductory Programs

Most children enter MMS at age 3 or 4 years old or kindergarten (age 5) for our primary program. We also have introductory Montessori programs for younger students.

Primary Program

In primary, 3-5 year-old students learn together in Montessori-based, mixed-age classroom in the morning. In the afternoon, kindergarten students continue classroom work together, and younger students have the option of joining an enrichment program.

Primary is a time of joyful discovery. Children are exploring their world and gaining control of their bodies; they are learning how to be independent, how to make appropriate choices, how to organize information. Their personality is emerging. The Primary program is nurturing; children find their passions, learn to respect and listen to others, and develop the basis for academic and social skills according to their own timetable.

In our Primary classrooms, children pursue a variety of activities. This is their “work,” and they learn from an early age that “work” is not drudgery, but a satisfying, often joyous pursuit.  It can mean practicing a skill, creating artwork, exploring patterns and making connections, collaborating with friends on building projects or solving problems, or taking care of their classroom environment.

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