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Dispatch from Black Rock Forest: What LE Students Have Been Studying in Our Northern “Campus”

Throughout March, whether in the snow or sunshine, hearty Lower Elementary children had a wonderful time exploring all that Black Rock Forest has to offer!

During the first grade trip, the children were able to try snowshoeing. It took a lot of effort to learn how to walk with such big feet! The children spent about 15 minutes exploring the woods looking for animal tracks in the snow. After snowshoeing they warmed up inside for lunch. Following lunch, the children enjoyed a planetary show, which gave tour of the solar system with a close-up experience of the sun.

The second graders, who missed out on the planetary show due to a snow day, had the opportunity to go in early April when the weather was much warmer. As a result, they spent much of their day outside studying land and water critters under a microscope and discussing features that allowed those creatures to be suited to their biome. This experience supported the children in their understanding of ecosystems and the ways an animal must adapt to its environment in order to survive.

When the third graders went to Black Rock Forest, they collected buds from the trees and plants. They inspected the buds they collected under a microscope, dovetailing with the studies the children did with plant classification in the fall as well as their work understanding flowering plants and the role that buds play in the plant development. After lunch, the third graders had a chance to enjoy the planetary show.

The Lower Elementary students are looking forward to returning to Black Rock Forest throughout the spring! Third graders went on April 23; First graders will go on Tuesday, April 30; and second graders will visit on Tuesday, May 21, prime time for wading into the Black Rock Forest pond.

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