MMS reopened in-person five days a week on September 9. Learn about our Covid-19 Response here.

Covid-19 Response

The Coronavirus crisis has required quick decision-making and nimble thinking. Metropolitan Montessori School is guided by facts and research, and as is the nature of this pandemic, we learn valuable, new information every day that informs our thinking on educating children in these times and protective health measures. MMS prides itself on being a small, village-like environment, and we believe that the values of resilience, common good, critical thinking, patience, and passion will galvanize and support us all.

Our Reopening Plan

MMS began the school year on September 9, 2020, with in-person learning, Monday through Friday for full days, for students of all levels. (Children’s House students who only attend half-day will, of course, follow that schedule.) The New York Department of Health guidance stipulated that schools “should prioritize efforts to return all students to in-person instruction at this time.” Given this preference, our default option was in-person, but parents were able to request remote learning. Over the summer, we submitted an extensive MMS Reopening Plan to both New York State’s Department of Health and Education Department. In these uncertain times, we reserve the right to change our Plan for health and safety reasons, if need be. In July and early August, we held two parent town halls where we shared these plans; You can find those presentations in the column to the right. 


This FAQ addresses questions related to daily screenings, testing, what happens if a child gets sick (not necessarily with COVID-19), and more.

Health Advisory Committee

We are fortunate to have an esteemed group of professionals in medical, insurance, and scientific fields/industries to help us develop policies during the coronavirus pandemic. The group, which was formed in June 2020, met weekly over the summer and discussed the latest developments in policy and COVID-19 research over Slack on a daily basis. They recommend the following UCSF webinar session (August 5, 2020) to anyone who is interested in an overview of the medical research on opening schools safely. The group will continue to meet and counsel MMS until COVID-19 is no longer a threat.

Dr. Magdalena Cerda

Associate Professor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine


Preeti Gureja

Vice President, Chubb Insurance



Dr. Luana Fioriti

Columbia University, Department of Neuroscience



Dr. Shirley Tilghman

Professor of molecular biology and public policy and president emerita of Princeton University


Monique Kotsen

MMS Trustee, public health and finance



Dr. Fabio Stefanini

Physicist and neuroscientist at Columbia University



Dr. Jillian Parekh

Physician in the Division of Academic General Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine



Kelli Stidham Hall, PhD MS

Associate Professor, Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University





Claudia Hamilton

MMS Trustee, Montessori Education and Development

School Communications

Children’s Mask Recommendations 
Mirimus Sample Collection Instructions and FAQ
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Distance Learning

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Virtual Events

Virtual events have been a wonderful way to gather and foster a sense of community in an isolating time. In late April, we transformed our usual adults-only benefit into a family event with performances from students and talented parents alike. The event was such a hit, we doubled-down on virtual events for the rest of the spring. Here are two examples, and you can check out more of our videos here:

Read about our distance learning program here. Curious to learn more about MMS? Contact Marielle Lopez, Admissions Director.

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