Class of 2012 Moves On To New Schools

MMS will honor its 12 graduating sixth graders and their families at the graduation ceremony tonight.

MMS is justifiably proud of its students and exmissions process. Our students are moving onto Calhoun, Collegiate, Dalton, Fieldston, Friends, Horace Mann, Hunter, and Trinity. Two are moving to schools outside the state, and two plan to attend public schools. The list of schools accepting the students is a long one: Bank Street (2), Brearley (1), Browning (2), Calhoun (2), Collegiate (1), Columbia Grammar and Prep (1), Dalton (1), Fieldston (1), Friends (2), Horace Mann (4), Hunter (1), Riverdale (4), The School at Columbia (1), Trevor Day (2), Trinity (1), and York (2).

At the graduation, each student reads a speech reflecting on their time at the school. Teachers also make speeches recognizing the contributions of each child. Here are a few excepts from the students’ speeches:

Handfuls. There are a lot of handfuls that make up this world. Some handfuls are people. Humans can be handfuls. Like me. Sometimes, I know that I can be a handful. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t pursue my dreams.

Thanks to my teachers and experiences here at MMS, I have learned to trust myself, a lesson that will help me not only in school, but for the rest of my life.

I guess the method of teaching here is superb because, after a little while, I threw my deepest thoughts into something I will take with me forever, respect: “Respect is like honesty. When I’m respectful, I’m honest. I show my respect to my dad, my mom, my friends, and my teachers.”

The lesson that came out of these experiences is that the more deeply you learn about something, the more interesting it becomes.

One thing I will take with me is to be determined. I never want to give up on anything. I learned this from hardly ever being told I couldn’t do something.

Life will present us with new things all of the time — new ideas, lessons, places, people, jobs — some will be too big and some will be too small. What we have to do is find the ones that are just right. I know that for me, MMS has been one of those just right places. Thank you to all of my teachers and friends.