Brenda Mizel article on school culture featured in “The Head’s Letter”

An article by Head of School Brenda Mizel in the MMS Messenger about changes in the school’s culture  has been reprinted in The Head’s Letter published by Educational Directions Inc. You can download it here.

In the article, Brenda describes the steps that the school took to identify and refine aspects of its programs and procedures to encourage a more orderly, respectful, and united culture. Among the changes:

  • New staggered arrival and dismissal times, which produced a more orderly and calm beginning and ending to the day
  • An emphasis on attendance and punctuality, reinforcing respect for the responsibility of being part of a school community
  • More timely communication
  • A revised parent handbook
  • More group discussion of personal responsibility and techniques for addressing conflict, success, anger, and disappointment
  • Discussions at all levels about the language and behaviors associated with grace and courtesy

This work is ongoing. “We are becoming a more unified school with clearer values,” Brenda said.  “I invite everyone in the community to reflect on the importance of how we grow and work together.”