Black Rock Forest commends MMS

In 2012-2013, the MMS sixth graders built a project at Black Rock Forest that they dubbed “The Platform.” Under the supervision of the forest manager, they cleared the site, prepared the lumber, carried the planks to the site, and helped build the structure.

This month, Black Rock announced that the project, now known as “The Outpost,” had been expanded to create the first classroom/laboratory/sleeping facility within the forest. “It is such a nice feature of your school’s interaction with the Forest that your students embark on projects that become useful to future classmates and many others, such as the Rusty Wagon Bridge, the wind turbine, etc.,” said William Schuster, the Black Rock executive director. “Certainly Jamie Kamlet (the Black Rock educator who works with MMS) and John Brady (the forest manager) have been significantly involved in these projects, but it is your school, your teachers and students who are at the core of the design and implementation. I hope that these experiences become ever more rewarding to them as they grow up and reflect on what they have done!”

The Outpost will display a plaque honoring the late Frank Moretti, the Consortium president, who died in July. “Frank had his own vision for education/research spaces distributed around the Forest and he would have been really happy seeing this first one become a reality,” Schuster said. “What a wonderful congruence of ideas and such a clear demonstration of why your Metropolitan Montessori School is such an important part of our Consortium.”