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Community Values

Metropolitan Montessori School develops academic skills and social and emotional awareness. This focus encourages a school culture that values effort, discussion and an awareness of the needs of others.

Equity and justice

The school’s commitment to equity and justice grows out of this mission: “MMS is committed to welcoming, recruiting, sustaining, and supporting students and their families, faculty, and administrative staff from a diverse mix of racial, socio-economic, ethnic, cultural, family style, sexual orientation, learning style, physical differences, and religious backgrounds, in order to create an inclusive community and to prepare our children to be leaders in a multicultural world.”

In the classroom

We expect children to be engaged in the process of learning and respectful to others. From the very beginning, children observe and reflect the Montessori philosophy of grace, courtesy, respect and openness to others. As the children move through the Lower and Upper Schools, they are encouraged to think about their role within their community and their environment, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills that benefit the larger world outside the classroom, and that reflect compassion, empathy, and a commitment to peace and justice. We use a conflict resolution curriculum, Talk It Out, to help children learn to express their feeling with peers and work toward mutually satisfactory outcomes.In the school community

International Diversity

International diversity is an important feature of our school’s community. Drawing students from many countries and cultures, Metropolitan Montessori School encourages families to share their histories and traditions. For example, teachers and parents have given presentations on Diwali, Lunar New Year, the Japanese tea ceremony, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the wedding customs of Ghana. School celebrations feature the customs of many cultures, and parent social events often have an international theme. The school works to promote understanding around race, giving families opportunities to share their stories, holding workshops to encourage awareness and sensitivity, and recruiting faculty and families to the school that represent a breadth of experience. To extend our culture of respect and tolerance beyond the classroom, and to help parents support the school’s values, we host parent discussions with the school’s consulting psychologist and the school psychologist on a range of parenting topics.

Beyond MMS

Community service is focused on giving back to neighborhood organizations, such as The West Side Campaign Against Hunger and Riverside Park. We support families and children in dire need, such as a school in Queens that suffered in Hurricane Sandy. Lower and Upper School students do construction and maintenance projects within Black Rock Forest. The school raises money every year for the Central School for Tibetans in Chauntra, India, founded by the Dalai Lama for refugee children.

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