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Building Shelters, Eating Acorn Pancakes, and Hiking During the Third Grade Black Rock Forest Overnight

The Black Rock Forest overnight trip is an annual rite of passage for students in third grade. As they become leaders in their Lower Elementary classrooms (grades 1-3), and look ahead to Upper Elementary when they will be spending more time together, they have the opportunity to bond and extend their time in MMS’ beloved Black Rock Forest in Cornwall, New York. Thanks to Talia G. and Savannah S. for sharing the details of the trip!

On the bus ride to Black Rock Forest, we were very excited, but a little nervous.

When we arrived, we went into the house where we were going to sleep. It was very beautiful. Then the BRF teachers announced our bunk mates: There were two girls groups and two boys groups. There were no girls and boys together. We were really happy with the people we were with. We went to our rooms, which had bunk beds, to set up. Each room had a name but we got to change it a little bit.

After a lunch of sandwiches with ham and cheese and mustard and mayonnaise not to mention various chips, we got flex time, which means that we could read, draw, stretch, and talk to our bunk mates (but no screaming) in our rooms.

Then, Mr. Jamie, our regular instructor at Black Rock Forest, gave us a lesson on how to build a shelter. We split into groups and built our shelters with a little booklet of a couple of options we could make. It was really fun.

For dinner, we ate pizza, so we cleaned up and washed our hands. We sat down waiting for the teachers to call us to get served. We got to talk a little bit. After that, it was almost bedtime, so we put on our pajamas, took a picture, and then read, drew, or whispered in our rooms. When the teacher said  lights off, we needed to stop what we were doing and try to fall asleep.

The next day…We changed our clothes, brushed our hair if we needed to, and sat down to eat breakfast. We got bagels, Cheerios, and made pancakes with the acorns we had picked the day before! The teachers offered us chocolate chips if we wanted.      

Our final activity was climbing a mountain. When we got back, we packed up our stuff and got ready to get on the bus. We were all really sad to leave. It was the best overnight in the world!!!!!!

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