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Why Graphing Makes Students Feel like “Really Smart Kinds Who Think Like Scientists”

Over their three years in Lower Elementary, students learn how to make increasingly sophisticated charts and graphs—from charts with tallies, to bar graphs, to plotting coordinate points. Here IB third graders summarize their current projects and what they like about graphing!

In the Lower Elementary classes, we are learning about collecting data and turning it into graphs.

First graders go around to their friends and ask about their favorite colors, foods, mythical creatures, animals, and more! When kids ask these questions, it helps you get to know other people better. You can also see what they like, what you like, and the differences. They also help you think more about yourself. When they ask about things like candy, it makes us hungry! We’ve even seen people drooling over some of the topics. Did you know that the most popular color was red?

Second graders are also collecting data. They write things down on graphing paper and use tally marks to help them organize their information better. Did you know that the most popular animal in 1B was the tiger?

Third graders are making a line graph with information about weather around the world. For example, we are comparing and contrasting the temperatures in Tel Aviv, New York, Paris, and Antarctica. Did you know that the coldest temperature in Antarctica in 2019 was -63 degrees in September?!

We can also use this information to learn more information about the world and to answer hard decisions such as, “Which movie should I go to?” or “Which restaurant should we go to?” We can see how many people may recommend these places. All of the grades are learning this so we can learn more about one topic.

We like this work because you get to know more stuff and learn more stuff. It is cool doing this work because it makes us feel like we are really smart kids who think like scientists.


Posted on March 4, 2020 in
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