Specialist teachers lead classes in French, Spanish, choral music, strings, art, physical education, library, and computer skills. Additionally, MMS offers an in-house Learning Support Center, staffed by a full-time school psychologist and a teacher.

Foreign Languages

French and Spanish are introduced in Primary, and other languages may be explored as part of the children’s cultural activities. When children enter first grade, parents choose between Spanish and French. First and second graders take foreign language once a week; third through fifth grade, twice a week; and sixth grade, three times a week. Weekly French or Spanish lunches reinforce fluency and field trips take advantage of New York’s cultural resources.

Choral Music And Strings

Music is part of every celebration at MMS. Music education begins in Primary, and the music teacher works with the children on the fundamentals of singing in a group. Monthly assemblies and special events bring students together in song. Lower and Upper Elementary students participate in chorus and perform at neighborhood senior homes and citywide contests. Voice and string recitals and the school musical are featured every school year. Extended Day children receive instruction in beginner violin, and in first grade, may join the after-school orchestra program.


Our rooftop art studio with its large windows and skylight provides the perfect setting for art instruction in drawing, sculpting, pottery, and painting. Students enrich their classroom journals with botanical drawings, calligraphy, maps, diagrams, and architectural and nature sketches.

Physical Education

Physical education begins in the Primary years with an emphasis on motor coordination, physical fitness, body control, and fun. Older children play sports, learn team building, rules of the game, and good sportsmanship, often using Riverside Park for recess.


Our library is well stocked with current books. The fulltime librarian advises children on book selections and research projects, and conducts story time.

Computer Skills

Computers are located in the library and Upper Elementary classrooms. Students practice the basics of word processing and keyboarding by using writing programs and educational software.

Environmental Stewardship Program

Our commitment to Environmental Stewardship is visible everywhere at MMS: our rooftop garden; our healthy food program; our care of the street trees outside the school building; and, in our participation in the Black Rock Forest Consortium.

MMS students have access to 4,000 acres of woods and wilderness at Black Rock Forest, which also serves as a research and teaching laboratory north of New York City. Students learn about nature with first-hand observations of the topography of the forest and the indigenous species of flora and fauna. Even our youngest students have tapped trees for maple syrup, built a bridge, hiked through a variety of trails and snow shoed through the snow.

Additionally, nearby Riverside Park and Central Park have been used by many of our classes for further investigations and observations of nature. Each Primary classroom is responsible for a section of our rooftop garden. The Elementary children grow hydroponic fruits and vegetables in the school’s greenhouse.

Learning Center

MMS has an in-house Learning Support Center staffed by a full-time school psychologist and teacher. These professionals consult routinely with teachers, develop remediation programs to meet the needs of individual learning styles, facilitate the teaching of reading and monitor standardized test performance.

Before and After School Activities

Lively before and after school programs offer classes ranging from chess and soccer to puppetry, art, pottery, musical theater, and dance.