Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Montessori” education?

Metropolitan Montessori is inspired by the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori, and interpreted for children of the 21st century in New York. Some of the Montessori approaches followed by Metropolitan Montessori include:

  • Mixed-age classrooms
  • Specialized materials that allow for hands-on exploration and learning
  • Uninterrupted blocks of independent, self-guided work time

You can learn more about Montessori’s identity here.

What distinguishes MMS from other independent schools in New York City?

MMS is the only Montessori school in Manhattan that offers an elementary program. The school is accredited by both the American Montessori Society and the New York Association of Independent Schools.  The school is small, but offers a rich and varied curriculum encompassing math, language arts, social studies, visual arts (including woodworking and ceramics), performing arts (including drama, choral music, violin, movement, and dance), foreign language (Spanish and French),  technology, science and nature studies at Black Rock Forest, and physical education and health.

How does the co-educational environment of MMS meet the needs of boys and girls?

Families in New York City are fortunate to have many school choices. For some families, single-sex education may be a desirable option. At MMS, we offer an “education for life.” We believe boys and girls benefit from learning together and developing respectful friendships in a school setting. At MMS, boys and girls in the Primary program learn how to fix things, how to make things, and how to take care of their environment. In the Elementary school, all students sing, dance, play soccer, solve math problems, write computer code, and discuss literature. Students are exposed to forms of self expression without regard to gender.

How does MMS prepare students for ongoing schools?

MMS graduates attend highly selective public and independent high schools in New York City, and go on to graduate from excellent colleges, universities, and professional schools. Known for their social and emotional resilience, responsible work habits, and inner confidence, our alumni are adaptable, having learned to work successfully on their own, in groups, and alongside their teachers. They are active in their school communities, pursuing a range of academic interests, extra-curricular activities, community service projects, and hobbies.

How is Montessori education relevant in the 21st century?

As rapid advancements in communications and technology change all aspects of society, our children will have to be flexible and resourceful in their professional lives. Our Montessori education teaches them how to make good decisions; how to organize, plan and self-direct their work; how to communicate with a variety of tools and to different audiences; how to adapt and think creatively; and how to reflect, be pro-active, think long-term, and improve through learning.



“We fell in love with the facility, the faculty and the politeness of the students. When we originally toured the school, we were amazed at how well behaved the students were. They said thank you, held the doors for us, smiled when walking past us ... No school we toured came even close to MMS with this and our choice was easy about where we wanted to send our child.”

An MMS parent