Dear Parents,

Welcome to Metropolitan Montessori School!

We appreciate your interest in MMS. This is an exciting time for you as you seek to choose the best environment for your child and your family. At MMS we are grounded in our focus on each individual child and on nurturing both social-emotional and academic growth in our Montessori program. My own journey at MMS began as a teacher with a 3-6 mixed age class 15 years ago. As a young teacher, I learned just as much from my students as they learned from me. I have worked with many, many families over the years, watching and guiding their children progress from toddlers who are just learning to shake hands and say “Good Morning” walking through the MMS doors, to confident 6th graders who write and deliver witty, compassionate speeches at graduation. We all know how hard it is to predict who your child will become when they are older, and also how much and in what ways they will change in just a few months, and then even more so in several years! How do we plan for this as parents in our selection of a school now for our young three year old child?

At MMS, we have absolute confidence in the Montessori practice of close observation of each child, the care and attention to each lesson that enables us to meet the individual child’s developmental needs, and the partnership we offer each family. Our dedicated faculty work closely with you and together we watch as your child makes new discoveries, takes risks, and faces challenges head on. This dynamic and observant collaboration of child, parent, and teacher guides our young child first through “those MMS doors” and then years later onto the campus of the school that suits her/him the best as she/he triumphantly moves into seventh grade. Our admissions process is highly personalized with attention given to your family’s needs. We can also put you in touch with current families to get some inside perspective from people who were once in your shoes.

We look forward to getting to know your family. Don’t hesitate to contact me at or (212) 579 5525 ext 116 if you have any questions as you navigate this process.

Warm regards,

Heidi Morrison

Director of Admissions



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