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Metropolitan Montessori School, a NYC independent pre-school and elementary school, serves children between the ages of 3 and 12 years and is guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori. MMS instills personal responsibility, critical thinking, resilience, and respect for others, giving children a foundation for learning that will stay with them through their lifetime.

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New Space Inspires Teachers and Children

Watch MMS students and teachers in our nurturing environment telling you what they love about MMS and our newly renovated space.


MMS Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP 2017: Early Childhood & Elementary Camps from June 19th-July 14th. To sign-up, please use this link.

The MMS Upper Elementary Play

The Upper Elementary play was wonderful! For those that missed it and do not have tickets, please watch it here!

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The IA students studied social issues through biographies and created a wax museum where they brought their inspirational people to life! ...

Learning about the history and nutritional components of bread! And, then making focaccia with Chef Lisa. ...

We all started our day with a little more zen today! Thank you to the PA and our in-house mindfulness gurus! ...